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Maximus Bonesplitter 175

The 175 pound Maximus Bonesplitter is one of the most accurate bows on the market.

The "Recurve Limb Technology Breakthrough" launches your bolt at speeds up to 310 feet per second* with pinpoint accuracy at maximum range.

This kit includes a scope and mount, quiver with bolts, stringer and rope cocking aid.

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Accelatom-Laser Matrix Molecule construction means that the Maximus 175 has unmatched bone splitting power, speed and accuracy. Your bolt will slice through large game and bury itself into whatever else gets in its path.

Massive force, maximum speed and incredible accuracy! If your serious about hunting, this is the bow for you.

Dead Leaf Camo design helps you blend in for a practical hunting experience. This is an excellent design if you hunt in the spring or fall.

3.1 pound competition grade trigger. This trigger has enough resistance to prevent accidental discharge, but it is light enough that you won't deviate from your target as you pull it.

The swelled palm grip and ergonomic thumbhole give the bow a comfortable feel and help you hold the bow on target.

Competition speed string.

Quiver with 4 bolts. Target points included.

A rope cocking aid is included with every 175 pound bow. The 2:1 ratio effectively cuts the force required to cock you bow in half, so you can manage the 175 LB draw weight. It also has adjustable length, so you can size it for almost any bow and any hunter.

An easy to use stringer makes it easy to remove the string for storage. You can install and remove the string without the need for a bow-press.

2-7 x variable scope. This scope allows you to adjust your magnification so you can go from bush hunting to field hunting without sacrificing accuracy. The mount, lens caps, and cleaner are included.

The factory warranty covers parts and labour for 5 years after the date of purchase.

The rugged ambidextrous stock works for for righties and lefties. Constructed of strong composite material, this bow weighs 4.3 kilograms including the scope, bolts and quiver.

(speed under controlled conditions with a 325 gr arrow)